10 Seconds Recorder - Send an Audio Tweet cross-platform: for Android and iOS!

Your voice is your identity. 10rec.com is a simple way to share your voice or your acoustic environment cross-platform (iOS, Android, any OS) on Twitter, Facebook or on your web site. No app, no installation.

10rec.com will help you share the spoken word. Wether you want to sing happy birthday to someone or make a heartfelt apology - you have 10 precious seconds to do this. 10rec.com is free you don't require a phone and it is very easy to use.

This is a super simple way to broadcast your voice to your followers. Allow 10rec.com to use your computer's mic, hit record, say your piece, preview your recording and share it with your followers.

No login, no signin

You don't need to signin, no login. Just open 10rec.com and record 10 Seconds of audio. Share your voice with the world! Audio on social media is an interesting alternative to a plain text messages. Audio messages come in forms such as a song or voice recordings. Use 10rec.com to quickly create and share your audio on Twitter.

Terms of service & privacy

If you record and share other people's voice, make sure you have their permission to do so! It is not permitted to record sensitive data or content that contains confidential information or violates applicable laws! For the App to function, we store recorded audio on our servers as soon as you click the "Cloud"-Symbol inside the App. We do however not store wo the user is that belongs to an audio content, simply because we don't know you - there is no login.